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Bat Removal in Roanoke

Bats can cause real destruction to your home, attic and insulation. Once they move in, they have a tendency to leave a HUGE mess of harmful guano that could put your loved one's wellness at risk. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are right here to help you evict your bats, clean up the mess, and fix the damage. Bat control and removal must begin as soon as you uncover them hanging around. Call now for an assessment!

captured bat
Tim holding a Bat taken from an attic in Smith Mountain Lake

It’s not unusual in lots of parts of the country to see a small flicker of black occasionally during dawn or dusk. Yet if you start seeing much more of those flickers in the dark sky than typical around your house, that may be a sign you have a bat family and even a colony living on your property. Pair that with droppings discovered in your attic, grease spots at potential entry points, and the strange chirping sound, and you most likely have a group of a bat. It could be time to look for Roanoke bat removal and pest control services.

Bats and wildlife removal in Roanoke, Virginia

It’s tough to visualize a nicer place for bats to live than in a cool, dry, temp regulated attic. Wild animals need to struggle with so much risk in nature, that a good house like yours can be much better than a cavern.

Bats love to locate little tiny holes that they can squeeze through. As soon as they’ve located a safe place, they’ll welcome the entire colony in! Before you know if you can have a whole family of bats hanging out in your rafters, eaves, soffits, chimney, and behind shutters. They will certainly use your attic as a site to rest and leave at night to go hunting. That will be the right signal to call for Roanoke Bat Removal and bat control service provider.

If you made a list of every mammal with the power of flight, it would have only one entry: Bats.

The most awful part concerning having bats in your attic (past it just being gross) is that those guys have nowhere to poop. That’s right! All that hazardous bat guano that can transfer histoplasmosis simply goes down straight onto your attic floor, or even worse, your insulation.

Wildlife Removal vs Extermination

Your initial reaction may be, “We need to exterminate these bats!”, yet let me inform you: dealing with a bat problem like a bug control problem is a huge mistake. These animals are not ants or termites. It is illegal for a company to eliminate bat species.

Bat species are protected in most parts of the country, so ensure you make use of a professional wildlife specialist like us when dealing with a bat or pest issue in your home or your commercial spaces.

Trapping is less than suitable for the bat because it’s difficult to effectively catch them like you would a rodent, raccoon, or a squirrel. Lethal trapping means you are eliminating an all-natural predator for mosquitos, flies, and other bothersome pests around your home.

Roanoke Bat Removal and damage repair for Commercial Spaces

The absolute ideal method to do away with bats is through a method called exclusion. Rather than trying to entice a trap for bat removal, the smartest thing to do is compel it to leave (which they will do at night to go hunt) and never let it back in! Sound crazy?

When clients call us with a bat removal and wildlife control issue in Roanoke, the first thing we do is figure out how they got in. As soon as we recognize the access holes that they used to infest your attic, we set up one-way doors at those entry points. By doing this, when your bats go hunting during the night, they are unable to get back in.

Here’s exactly how we manage a bat exclusion project:

  1. Invest a LOT of time identifying each bat entrance hole into your house
  2. Establish one way doors at each entrance point
  3. Verify that we’ve excluded all of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal every one of the access points
  5. Clean all of the harmful bat guano in the attic using safety devices
  6. Replace insulation (if required)
  7. Repair any interior or external damage

Bat Removal Services Cost in Roanoke VA

Bat Removal Services in Roanoke, Virginia have a tendency to be much more expensive than many various other sorts of wildlife control and removal, normally due to the fact that they do so much damage. The expense of such programs are as follows.

  • The average cost of a modest bat removal in Roanoke alone runs around $400+, usually in a range of $250– $650
  • There is generally a (~ $200) assessment fee, but that is typically attributed towards the removal price
  • Removing small to medium sized colonies of bats costs somewhere around $300– $8,000 for removal and exclusion in Roanoke
  • Attic guano clean-up and re insulation can add another $600– $8,000, depending on the degree of the destruction and size of the home

Frequently asked questions regarding animal control and Removal Services

Q. Should bats be protected in Virginia?

A. Absolutely! Bats are an important part of the ecosystem in Virginia. Can you believe that bats can chow down on over 1,000 mosquitos an hour? It would be a dark day if we got rid of all of our bats.

Were you aware that bats make up almost a quarter of all mammals living on Earth?

Q. What is bat guano?

A. Bat Guano is another term for bat droppings. The droppings are little and can appear similar to mouse droppings. But, don’t be misleaded. If you shine a flash light on them after crumpling the droppings apart (please use gloves!), you’ll see them sparkle or twinkle in the light.

Q. Is guano harmful to humans?

A. Be very careful around bat guano (once more, gloves people!) as it can transmit a deadly fungal infection known as histoplasmosis. You can inhale it just by being anywhere near guano, so we truly recommend you allow professionals with correct protective equipment manage an attic clean-up.

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